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Ember Redesign


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So after the changes that was done with the recent patch, I decided to write up the idea I had for Ember since she was first avaliable in beta. 


The 3 main objectives of the redesign are as follow;


1. Crowd control oriented.

2. Synergy between each powers.  No forced synergy. 

3. Making Ember a more caster based Warframe than a direct combat one.

4. A more dynamic design where powers are not one dimensional.  IE.  Use this to kill, use this to stun, use this when in trouble,etc. 

5.Powers all work together, but they will also work by themselves.  So feel free to forma away ablitites polarities if you want to be able to fit more generic mods.  The synergy between them should work without having all 4 of them.


Fireball rework -  It now ignites enemies within an aoe causing DoT, reduces armor and stuns lesser enemies and fire vulnerable enemies. 


The purpose of Fireball here is to allow Ember to do her "job" as a CC even when she is either; low on energy or not close enough for other more powerful powers.  Also most importantly, a general usefulness on all level ranges to avoid it being neglected by other powers.    It will also work well with her other powers.  In fact it is more like her bread and butter power.   The armor debuff is just useful in most cases as weapons, other Warframes will be able to benefit from it.  Needless to say, Ember's other powers as well.


Mods effect: Debuff and DoT can be increased with continuity.  Focus increases strength of debuff and DoT.  Range and aoe can be increased with Stretch. 


Overheat rework - Ember ignites a blazing aura around herself and leaves a trail of fire as she moves.  Granting increased movespeed and knockdown and stagger immunity.  The fire aura and fire trail causes DoT (physical damage, meaning it will do best against lightly armored targets or targets caught on fire by fireball). 


The rework here is to give Ember a utility power that offers moblitiy for both offensive and defensive purposes.  Defensively, it can be used to run into cover, offensively it will be used as a intermediate damage output and help Ember apply CC across the map quickly (by using the speed to cast fireball on all targets in the map).  The Fire theme here, other than the obivous is that the excessive burning of energy (overheat) is allowing Ember to transform that energy into strength for the extra speed and poise. 


Mods effect:  Duration of the power and DoT can be increased with continuity.  DoT strenght can be increased with Focus.


Fireblast - Now a frontal cone attack that deals instant damage and knock down targets.  


This is the high damage power that is fitted to counter high rank enemies.  DoTs are generally not very good against enemies with high HP.  This gives Ember something to deal with them without having to resort to burning 100 energy  on them every time. 


Mods effect;  Focus increase damage,  Stretch increase range. 


World on Fire -  Ember combust any on fire targets (infinite range), dealing heavy damage (Should only be enough to kill grunts, but not high rank ones).  Enemies surrounding Ember that are not on fire will be set on fire dealing the combustion damage over time instead.  Surviving targets with have their existing DoT and effect refreshed.   Here by DoT, I am refering to DoT caused by Fireball and Overheat.  Effect wil be the stun, and armor debuff caused by the 3 powers.  World on Fire will affect targets that have been set on fire (DoT) from Fireball and Overheat.  This is not a panic button like almost all ulitmate powers in this game.  It will require a simple setup and combo to have the best effect.


World on Fire will be an ultimate in the sense that it will kill off weak enemies, and refresh CC effect on any enemies that are still standing.  This is the ultimate because it provides the best effect for CCing and for a caster that relies on a limited power pool.  Having the debuff and DoTs refreshed means Ember can use her remaining power on Fireblast, rather than having to keep reapplying Fireball and burning everyone with Overheat.  With WOF casted, she can help the team to focus down the boss with Fireblast or just her weapons.    


Mod effects:  Focus increases combustion damage.  Stretch increases the radius check for not-on-fire enemies.


Now the important part now is the synergy part.  The new 4 powers are designed to be able to work with one another in all combinations.  


Fireball is the bread and butter.  The low cost, DoT and debuff opens way for WOF to have an effect.  The debuff increases damage from Overheat and Fireblast.  


Overheat will allow Ember to traverse big areas and apply DoT on all enemies.  With the speed, she can now also quickly flank enemies to gain an direct shot opportuniy for Fireball.  The DoT is required for WOF, and the speed will allow her to close in for Fireblast.


Fireblast is not an opener, but a finisher.  It is meant to be used after Fireball and/or Overheat, but can also be effective without them.  To avoid a feeling of forced synergy, Fireblast is the unviersal power that can be used in all situations.  You can use Fireblast to finish off enemies instead of WOF.  You can also use Fireblast as a CC.  But it is limited by its high energy cost.


WOF is different because it is dynamic and not one dimenional.  This is not miasma or Radial Javelin or Bladestorm, etc, where it is just a kill everything in range button.  This is meant to work with everything to create different kind of advantages situations.  Yes it will kill off weak enemies, but it will not be enough to kill strong ones.  However the continuous DoT and debuff will benefit everyone in your team and Ember herself.  Being able to kill off weak enemies far away means the entire team can stay within range of the boss, instead of having to run around killing weak enemies that are shooting from afar.  But it also means Ember can be away from the boss and still do damage. 



Notice I didn't have any numbers.  The reason for that should be obvious.  Please comment base on concept.  I've tried to make sure this is a lot different to other warframe powers by setting up interesting objectives that other powers don't seem to adhere to.  One major concern I have however is that WOF is a lot more complicated than any power in the game so far.  I'm not sure if that is something DE or players would like to see.  Do let me know. 







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He's trying to say that you don't need 4 DoTs that requires you to be within close range of the highly armored, highly damaging mini boss...


I understand his point there, but in essence DoTs are fantastic for dealing with beefy guys. Saryn's Venom is a great example of this. Just because Ember's fireball isn't on par with Venom doesn't mean all DoTs are worthless. DoTs are awesome!


Also, I love how Ember's powers encourage mobility and getting up in your enemies' faces, but her defensive powers (Fireball and Fire Blast) do feel quite lacking to me. Maybe if Fireball and Fire Blast had some more utility I would consider using them, but yeah 4 pure damage powers is kinda redundant.

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