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Mag's Magnetize not working correctely with some weapons.


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I was playing with Mag and noticed that some weapons aren't working correctely with Magnetize. Here is the problem:

The DOT works, but the projectile/bullet simply vanish after being redirected, not dealing any damage to enemies inside the bubble. Arca Scisco confirms this, since any hit trigger its effect: "Target Analysis".
I was able to test some weapons:

Opticor, Arca Scisco, Kitgun (using Rattleguts chamber).
Redeemer's shotgun ignores the bubble existence entirely (it's a melee weapon so I don't know if it's ok).

Some Screenshots:

https://ibb.co/eGqYFL (Arca Scisco)
https://ibb.co/m3F0vL (Redeemer)


As you can see in the first screenshot, the weapon's shot is redirected but simply disappear after that, like there was a thick wall between the redirected shot and the enemies.
Using the mod "Seeker" don't changes the situation.

Most weapons that I have are fine with Magnetize. Some examples: Lanka, Detron, Vectis, Boar, Amprex. Ogris, Dread, Penta...
There was a time that Zakti wasn't working: Hotfix 21.1.1 " Fixed the Zakti projectiles not hitting enemies in Mag’s Magnetize field."

There's also a video showing 2 weapons with this problem. The video dates from May 20, 2018:


Well... that's it.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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It's not even that some weapons don't work (I noticed this with Arca Scisco on PS4, too) but the "magnetic field" is just a joke for a LONG time now, when is DE finally going to fix the issue that enemies just keep WALKING through the bubble? This was Mags best ability but our beloved Mag has become plain useless because most of the the enemies just keep walking through the magnetize bubble.. Please DE fix her! 

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