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The set spawn button in my dojo seems to have gone missing


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Im not sure if thats a new thing, but based on the fact that people I invite to my dojo fail to join me there, after accepting an invitation, I dare to doubt my dojo is working as intended. I as a person who casually dabbles in detective-work (I watch a lot of TV) was on the case, and after careful investigation I present to you all who read this my preliminary findings. The set spawn button has vanished from all room control consoles (it also says so in the title.... way to build a climax....).


Just to be safe I checked all the clan halls, but no luck for me (just one more screenshot for reasons of post-length).


The biggest hint I got is me randomly spawning inside of decorations when visiting the Dojo, that cant be right.30231407B1EBDCE81C483CA713B6234A34376C8A

I found out that the place where I spawn actually isnt fixed. Essentially I can move while loading in, and as I move my fancy spacecruiser my crurrent frame walks inside of my decorations oblivious to the fact that the interaction between warframes and decor shouldnt work like that.

I suspect this happened arround the time when I tore everything down and rebuilt it, with all the fancy new decorations that where added, hoping for it to be ready for the dojo contest (which it wasnt). The set spawn option must have gotten lost somewhere along the way.

Anyway my little ghost clan is named Imperial Space Crusaders and Im the founding warlord Lt.Frank_Drebin (just in case thats important). This is getting too long, Im just hoping theres a way to fix this. Help pls....

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