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Some paths for the 'Escort the Drone to Safety' objective stall.


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A few paths for the Plains of Eidolon 'Escort the Drone to Safety' objective will result in the drone either getting stuck on a cliff or flying up into the air then stopping all movement.  Generally it seems the paths for them are specific routes from one area to another, and some have the issue occur more often than on others.  One of the more notable routes that almost always has an issue is the one from Gara Toht Lake up through Hek's Stiletto and then around the lake toward Seaside Ruin. The drone will, more than half the time, start on the way up to Hek's Stiletto and just before the first Vruush AA Turret take a right off the cliff where it can often stall and get stuck.

When this happens the only way to fix it is either ram into it and hope you can bump it free, or hope that enemy fire will somehow dislodge it. If it stalls at a point where it would have spawned enemies to contest it, enemies will constantly spawn every half minute or so as you kill them.  If you are unable to bump it free from where it gets stuck, it seems the only option is to fail the bounty/incursion and try again.

The stall points seem to usually be when the drone somehow gets airborne.

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