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Oberon Prime's shoulder width fix?


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Ever since Oberon Prime's release, he had a major problem in his design, specifically on his shoulders being less wide due the fact his "pelt" that gave him a good width was replacement by actual armor pieces that can be replaced. The normal variant of Oberon keeps his large width when adding shoulder armor, so why can't Oberon do the same with his new prime shoulder armor?

So, recently, when I finally saw that the Immortal skin bug was fixed, even though I don't know when it was fixed, the fact that Oberon Prime's shoulder isn't as wide as the normal variant, really limits my Fashion Frame, and I suggest it to be changed to have an equivalent when we don't take the Prime armor in consideration. Here is a comparison of the difference between the two variants:
Oberon Prime w/ Prime ArmorNormal Oberon w/ Prime Armor

It's been quite some time it's been like that, and, as an Oberon player, I'd appreciate if some changes could be made.

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