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Idea for Garudas 2


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So I think the healing needs a bit of a buff, range is terrible and you need to be standing so close to it to get any healing. Then her 1 flings her waaaay out of range. What about instead of having multiple 2's around the place, you simply have 1 that heals for more and slightly bigger range to actually get your teammates, then when you press 2 again you leap back to the place where her 2 is.

So, you press 2 on a mob, healing starts. You press 1 to fly out and smash down bad guys with her melee claws etc, then press 2 again to fly back to your healing place. Doesn't matter which way your facing you fly back no matter what. Holding 2 can make it disappear so you can then recast it to a new location.

Just a shower thought really, what do you all think?

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