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2 MOA bugs: MOA custom name not showing in mission and no weapon experience gained


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First, the name bug:
When in a mission, my Moa is not called by his name, but rather by the default MOA whenever he is downed, another player looks at him, and also in the companion name section of the HUD above his HP bar. The only place his name is actually used is in the menu loadout section.

MOA names should be displayed like Kubrow and Kavat names, but they are not for some reason, possibly related to the fact that MOAs need to be gilded before showing a custom name, while living pets have their custom name upon creation? Regardless, this needs to be fixed. There's no point to giving him a name if nobody else can see it.


Second, the weapon EXP bug:

After forma-ing my Vulklok that is mounted on my MOA mentioned above, i notice that I was getting little to no weapon EXP at all on it, while the rest of my inventory was gaining EXP as usual, including my MOA. This was repeatable, and I have included a screenshot below to show one such instance of the MOA not receiving the proper EXP for his weapon. 

Re-equipping the weapon on a sentinel gave EXP as usual, so MOAs are currently bugged to not give weapon EXP like they should. This is majorly problematic as I want to use this weapon on the MOA, so I should not  be forced to level it completely on a sentinel every time I forma it.

MOA Weapon EXP Bug

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