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Ninjas On Water.


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By simply entering the water back, as if the water was a forbidden place for Tenno?

I think if you go deeper in ninja skills, as we could get into the water course with a animation of anything, then it would, aquatic enemies, maps aquatic (A map with a huge frozen ocean), I think that could Tenno having a swim system, and a system for breathing under water.


How it works:

When in contact with a surface of shallow water, just continue the normal effect.

When in contact with a water depth animation of a Tenno stopped on the water with its head out, walking over to this mode it will give swim, swimming, and aim down and is diving deep will the motion of swimming, and an effect of the water screen below.


Maps aquatic:

It can be like a moon of any planet that is only composed of water, and because of the cold this planet so cold buildings, it would be like an outpost Corpus, but where a hole in the ice, we pulariamos it and would enter in an aquatic environment with native alien species (As the planet Phobos), and could also have submarines Corpus where'd have to fight, (and of course it would effect bullet into the water with a type of burst).

It would also be a new boss incredible, such as a giant snake or a submarine corpus...

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