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"Shower thoght" on Weapon Modding.


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I know that DE intends the ideal of no "best in slot" modding, but more of an oppinion based modding. But is just me or does it start to feel they get further away from that Idea due to restricted mod places?


e.g. If you get an crit based secondary Slots are already restricted to 3 Primed Mods (Pistol Gambit/Target Cracker/Heated Charge) 3 base damage Mods (Hornet Strike/Barreld Diffusion/Lethal Torrent) and a Riven. Soo 2 mods Spaces left.. probably just go Elemental combo I guess... It feels quiet a struggle to put in other Stuff then. I have no space for any other utillity.


Yeah there is the Argument remove Multishot/flat Damage mods and increase the base damage of the weapons, but I have to say those still feel reaaaally good to have in the weapon. 

So I had a random alternative Idea of it. Have a categories over "Primary Weapon/Secondary Weapon/Melee Weapon" which gives give those boosting stats (flat dmg/multishot) without taking a mod slot (but still drain the capacity & you can sacrifice a Forma to it to halve the drain). This could probably can be increased via endo or fusing the equivalent mod. You could tune this as far as doing this to the most modified stats (crit/crit damage/status/fire rate etc.) and free up the mod slots for pure customization of utility (elemental dmg type/extra damage to fraction/set mods/set mods/corrupted mods). 


I don't know if I am missing something crucial to this and I did not do any math on the numbers (which is why I did not include any) but I am curious about other peoples oppinion on this. Tell me what do you think about this "shower thoght"?

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