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(Recruiting) Wolves Of Saul


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Greetings tenno, Your curiosity has been noted. Let me indulge you. The Wolves of Saul is looking for inexperienced tenno, However those with wisdom in their paths with the lotus will not be turned away. Our goal is enjoyment and enlightenment, brother and sisterhood. As a wolf within the pack you gain access to a dojo in progress, fellow tenno who will work to aid you but expect the same from you. If interested rp is welcome and will not be frowned upon. We are a small but capable clan for the moment but with time and effort all things are possible. I look forward to responses and interests or ideas. Until then hone your skills and fortify your mind.

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Final update. 


The dojo is coming along just fine. Soon the oracle will be set and research will start for clan weapons 


Saul still needs members of the pack. Again we are looking for newer and seasoned players. Teamspeak would be verrry helpful for the cause so its recommended you download it ,  Our age range is 18+. As was stated roleplay within our clan is not frowned upon for those that want to but it is not the basis of Saul. Feel free to message with further questions or interest.


God Speed Tenno

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