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Clan Hell Bent Autonomous Is Looking For Members


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Were a small clan, very active for our size, were looking for about 15 members. We have all the rooms built and the weapons researched. We try and make it a point to help our members and get them all playing together.

We feel that we have a lot to offer to our members so were not just letting anyone in. There is not a huge list of requirements, and most of them are pretty simple, like don't spam the clan chat and be active.


Anyway if your interested you can probably reach me in game at "/w OnidemoninO" or just reply here or shoot me message.

If those don't work, you can contact one of our Sargents or Officers in game.

These are their names: "IAmRues" "TheCapp" or "THEghostderp"

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probably around 5 to 7 most of the time, slow today though. just 3 at the moment. We don't have a clan emblem yet, its still "under development" lol. And we don't have a hard age requirement, anyone can say a number when we ask, so we just look for members who are mature.

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I've been thinking about joining a clan for awhile now.  So, if you guys still have room, then I'll be happy to join.

Just send me an invite.

I'll be happy to invite you! Also, not sure about the other members, but I am in central time zone.

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