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Warframe causes computer to shut off with no errors after boot


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Current Problem: Computer will do a full shut down without any bluescreen/artifacting/looping audio and proceed to reset itself and boot up as normal with no error messages on startup besides a generic Kernel-Power 41 error in windows Event Viewer. This problem does not occur in any other intensive game application and does not occur during stress tests of any kind. It is a warframe only problem that I can not for the life of me find a solution to.

I've finally had a breakthrough with this problem since it started after the sacrifice update. Today I found a way to replicate it. Although not a very good way but it works.

Today's 2nd sortie mission with the radiation hazard on the map Casta (Ceres) will make my computer shut off 100% of the time after a random amount of time spent on the map. Always before I'm able to complete the 10 waves. This is something I've noticed before as my computer will randomly shut down while I am doing a mission located on a grineer map, although it can happen on any tileset but I have never experienced it on the Liset. Playing with DX11 and DX10 ON greatly increases the chance of a shutdown.

I can promise you this problem is not related to faulty hardware in any way, but I am not ruling out a mix of game code +  a specific piece of hardware causing it either. Methods I have attempted to use to solve the problem are:

  1. Disabled DX10 and DX11
  2. Stress testing all hardware including memtests on ram
  3. Checked to make sure all temps are normal (they are always all normal right before the unexpected shutdown)
  4. Checked voltages (they are all fine)
  5. Disabled all overclocking (currently using none but still experience the problem)
  6. Playing in Fullscreen/Windowed/Borderless Windowed
  7. Used minimum/medium/maximum graphics settings
  8. Replaced my RAM
  9. Replaced my PSU
  10. Upgraded to a new GPU and CPU
  11. Reinstalling the game on multiple different hard drives
  12. Verified caches, Reinstalled the game from scratch multiple times
  13. Shut down all background programs except Warframe

If someone on the dev team can please use this chance to attempt to recreate the problem and find a solution it would be amazing. I know I am not the only person with this problem, and I know that when those of us with this problem ask for help we are always met with misinformed answers such as "Your temps are probably too high" or "clean your fans" or "replace your power supply". We need a solution to this problem or at least an acknowledgement from someone on the dev team that they are looking into it and not just posting a tutorial on how to clean your fans or replace your PSU.

Current Specs:

  • EVGA GTX 1080ti (stock speeds)
  • i7-7700k CPU (stock speeds)
  • Kingston HyperX FURY 32GB 2133MHz DDR4 Memory
  • GIGABYTE AORUS Gaming 5 Motherboard
  • 850w EVGA PSU
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