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MOA "Anti-Grav Grenade" Ability leading to enemies flying off the map, unable to finish Defense Mission.


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We were doing a typical defense mission in Io, Jupiter, in order to level some stuff and farm Neural Sensors. I had my trusty new MOA companion with me to assist in our mission. Everything went well until we hit wave 9 and my MOA used his "Anti-Grav Grenade" ability. Suddenly an enemy went airborne and decided to take flight to visit some of the more remote corners of Jupiter, never to return. 

Those yummy Neural Sensors and the other loot collected disappeared for me once I pressed F6 to get a picture with stored meta-data, because I thought extra info can't hurt, and my game decided to crash the second I pressed the button. The Screenshot was saved, and this is what I got:

(EE.log. and .jpg has been included in the Ticket. Ticked ID #1498989



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