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[PC] Vanadiel | R9 Storm Clan | 95% Research | Active clan


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Hello Tenno! 

I am currently recruiting people for my clan, here are the requisites:

Daily-Active player | MR+12 | Toxicity free | Dont expect boost 24/7 or ask for free plat | Age 18+ | DISCORD

We are on a alliance with more clans. I created a DISCORD for the clan, the link is on the clan's message of the day. Note this: inactive or toxic people will be kicked, i want a clan with ACTIVE players :D

If you are interested leave me a comment bellow with your in game name (IGN), or you can try to contact me or the other clan leaders throu the game, copy any of this lines:

/w Whisperer00 Hey i wanna join {Vanadiel}

/w Ascheriitt00 Hey i wanna join {Vanadiel}

/w Shadowslayah Hey i wanna join {Vanadiel}

Cya Tenno!

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