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How To Properly Mod



Okay, I've been playing for quite a while now and while I don't feel I'm bad by any stretch, I am unsure if I am modding properly. What I am looking for is general modding advice.


Currently what I do is Multishot mods > direct damage > elemental > side effect ie: speed trigger etc


is there something about building mod loadouts im missing or is this pretty much standard currently

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Here is a tip for you. 


Use Electric for Corpus and not Infested.

Use Fire for Infested and not Corpus.

Use Ice for everything. Snares and highly effective vs targets with a shield. 

Use Armor Piercing for everything. 

Use Multi shot for everything. 

Use Direct damage for everything. 

If you can use puncture and haste mods. Throw them on, they are nice. 

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