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Mooncatcher bugs and how to replicate them, also etc bugs?


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1. If water is entered by using Archwing i.e. uranus/earth, mooncatcher no longer does damage. You can expend ammunition, and the weapon is held as if it is being fired, but nothing happens (similar to zaws doing 0 damage as well, but I havent figured out how to replicate this yet)

2. Mooncatcher's environmental object detection detects previously destroyed environmental objects such as glass destroyed by projectiles or exploding barrels on corpus maps. This results in the projectile stopping as if there was still the object in the way even though it clearly isnt to everything else. 

3. Mooncatcher's projectile for environmental detection far exceeds the actual area of effect it has, this causes the need to orient projectiles towards an open area and hope that the AOE grazes targets taking cover. (needing to aim above arc traps, doors, rollers)

4. Mooncatcher does not apply punchthrough correctly(or punchthrough has no effect on the behavior of the projectile) . Addition of punchthrough does nothing, objects in the environment still block the huge environmental object hitbox it has even though the actual damaging portion is much smaller. 


Default K-drive is unmoddable, not sure if this is intended or not

poor performing PCs or lag causes minimaps on fortuna not to load, AWing that turns you into jesus walking in the air in any axis.

Fortuna solo or public spaceport spawns outside stop after a few minutes even though alerts are 4+

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