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Update Conclave suggestions


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Conclave currently only has annihilation (Aka deathmatch) team annihilation, cephalon capture (aka capture the flag) and lunaro which no one plays. There needs to be more variety of game modes to play and more unique maps to play on. It is getting boring doinig the same shoot, grab cehalon, and shoot, and shoot some more. The conclave needs more variety if it is to stop being a meme.

For lunaro maybe add more complex maps that have corridors and platforms so it doesn't feel so much like a field. For team annihilation and annihilation, I suggest adding more intractables in the map. Maybe people have to hack turrets to get them working, explosives crates. Hacking moa lockers for friendly moas or grinner test tubes for friendly grinner. Add some kind of interactible in the map to make it a bit more interesting. 

For more game modes, capture the objectives or area will do so much for the conclave. Make it into a unique thing where in order to capture an area, one has to hack into certain places and activate certain things. It would make capturing the area less of standing around shooting at people. It would make it more intense and unique then most other gamemodes. 

Another idea for a gamemode can be where the tenno can team up with corpus of grinner specters and only use weapons specific to the faction. It can be a kind of war game mode where either the capture point move up and down the map depending on what is captured. It can also be a kind of supply rush thing. The corpus wants profit so the tenno on the corpus side can have an objectives to try to gain profit from resources, while the grinner wants power or something (idk) and they get materials too. Then each time they get to a certain point, they can get upgrades or support from their faction. It would all be specters, so it can be kind of like a training thing for the conclave?

DE pls, i know you are focusing on pve, but pvp is also a major thing in gameplay. I don't want to shoot a grineer all day, (though it is fun corpus 4 life) I want to play with and against other players. Many others would agree too. It would be a huge boost, and it might even attract more players. The game needs a balance, pls update. You have done a lot against incredible odds already, I am pretty sure you can add a couple of gamemodes in like...3 or 5 months. Pls get started on it at least, many want a better pvp, trust me.

Conclave needs to stop being a broken and a dead meme. And for some extra motivation, it would most likely boost player base by a bit, and play time.

P.S. add better rewards and make it so it isn't a standing. I want to get decent rewards that isn't mods, and I want to play without the stress about maxing out my standing.

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