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After migrating, my codex scans didn't carry over and neither did my weapon usage and frame usage stats. In addition,

  • there is a slight click every time fake lotus speaks
  • the scimitar ship is off the screen in handheld mode
  • there is no touch response whatsoever
  • the view profile button is missing but /profile still works fine
  • chat-linking needs to be better
  • my challenges performed are missing

However, this could just be because I migrated before finishing Vor's Prize, speaking of, please make it so if there are players like me, they don't have to replay that quest

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On 2018-11-23 at 1:57 PM, Azmodani said:

Im missing my Ignis Wraith and also for no reason just Argon Scope. I also still have the mods from Fortuna but not fetch, the weapon you can craft in fortuna is still in my inventory and i can use it.

Ignis wraith was listed as a PC exclusive

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