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Bug or not ? Umbra mods on exalted weapons.


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I got a problem with umbra mods on exalted weapons : the "ensemble" bonuses aren't acctivate when i put the two umbra mods on it.

with Sacrificial pressure only : +110% melee and +33% on sentients.

with Sacrificial steel only : +88% on crits and +33% on sentients.

When ensemble bonuses are activated (the two mods linked)

SP : +137.5 melee +41.3% sentients

SS : +110% crits +41.3% sentients.

On "lambda" weapons, these bonuses are activated (the two slots on mods are full) but on every exalted weapons (including exalted umbra blade) they're not (slots on mods are empty, like each mod was alone)



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