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New frame ideas


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So I had this idea of a new frame and I wanted to share it and some other ideas.

Also With garuda, I think its awesome how she has some built-in weapons, Maybe more frames in the future could have this as well as some existing frames get there own signatures? 

Without further things! 

What if we have a warframe, that has 4 arms? Where there claws? But not as long as garudas or anything like that, but he or she would have like smaller claws and the ability to attack super fast due to those extra arms, my original idea was for the frame to have railguns, so the 4 arms would be railguns and he would have a fifth railgun on his head. Which sounds a bit OP, So I opted for 1 railgun located inside his or her head(as in there singular big eye in the middle that shoots a laser or railgun projectile and there abilities would revolve around his or her extra limbs and installed weapons.


Maybe a purely cybernetic body weapons warframe? Weapons being powered by the Void energies as ammo.


So purely offensive powers, but kinda squishy as well. 


My other idea would be a warframe with a scorpion tail and an arm plasma gun as her default built-in weapon being her passive, fires slow-moving but powerful projectiles with a slow rate of fire, making the players skilled with aiming good at it. that or just she has a scorpion tail and her martial arts as her built-in melee weapon. I feel it might be a little OP to have 2 built-in weapons.

As for the second ideas role he or she could another offensive character.


My last character is meant to take damage more then dish it out.

A Character with a riot shield as his signature weapon, the riot shield shoots out gas or some kind of stunning or support thing, but it fills up on ammo and the ammo is depleted when the shield takes damage and or firing it. Movement speed may be a little slow, this character could look like a samurai. 


Honestly Ive not made many characters outside my respective interest and fandoms, so Im a bit odd with it, my bad. But I wanted to share my thoughts in some way.


Now im not sure about these SO I would more then love to hear what some of the people here think about frames with some of the stuff like tails, extra limbs, built in weapons.

Also, would explosives focused warframe ever be a thing or does warframe pretty much cover every character trope there is?

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