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Glitches Max [Videos+]


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1. GOD MODE glitch - He just never dies.. no matter how high the damage is  :




2. Lazy Frost glitch- He can still move around but he just love to laying down and fight :




3. Invisible Enemy glitch- Keep getting hit by a Invisible Enemy/ghost ....




4. Talking Dead glitch- Im dead in the game and i can still walk around ...



5.Anti Warframe door glitch - All the door on the map won't open , but it opens for the enemy :( 



6.Newbie Stalker Glitch-

Enemy just hire a new Stalker.............. A.I Glitch ?






Share Videos with u guys.

Message me if the Glitch is FIXED so I can del it :)

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there something wrong in your video... you fireing with lex and you remain still with 3 bullets.

look like you have infinite ammo as well...

That's not me, im Loki im dead im watching him play.

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