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Nitendo Swich PC Migraction is completly FAIL


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Dear DE!!!


 I love You game from two Years and i play on Pc more than 2500 hours and got 26 rank and i start from scratch.  I always exited for new content on PC and never complain for many bugs on start new content because eventually You always fixed most bugs and game is playable.


I love idea mobile play on swich and i was very happy when You announced that news.

Game looks on swich amazing and feels very good.


I know is Your game is free and to evolve need to support developers i buy some prime access many skins. But most important assed in life is no money is time You cannot buy steal just live and die eventually. I was menses before I play warframe about 2500 hour and I have opportunity to transfer my 2500 hours on my life than more than 100 full days of playing!!!!


Now we can transfer save from PC to swich and this completely mess!!!

My index is destroyed don’t know what item I got what I don’t , no rivens , no arcanes (is many many days of raids from my life.) Some random mods , and others from fortuna shows.


Now I spend many hours to just have same account like pc on other device what a point???

Pc got some scratches from live transfer to switch and Xbox players or Playstation need to start again from day 1? Sorry for my is completely mess and disappointment. Fist time im not support You in this and cant write good Job!!! Is terrible job for all warframe community who spend witch You thousand hours and now need spend twice that time only to have that same game progress on other device???


And now what if I PC user buy all pack skins twice to got similar experience on swich? If You not develop cross play or just cross save (all resource , skins saved to account for many platform)

For existing experienced players watch how amazing Warframe looks and run on swich is only interested news but nobody now start make 2 sorties or buy thinks twice just catch up on different platform. For New players on Nitendo Swich welcome play in warframe is amazing experience.


For experienced player like me watch on warframe on swich is more piss me off than happy if I no have real solution on multiplatform experience.




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