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K-Drive Bugs


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I've encountered several bugs, usually relating to the K-Drives.  The most common one is that my crosshair doesn't show up after dismounting a K-Drive.  I have to either switch weapons or zoom in to make it appear again.  This isn't a huge issue since it is easy to overcome, but it does get annoying at times when I leap off my K-Drive to throw my glaive and have to estimate where I am aiming.

I've also encountered situations where my colors reset to default while riding a K-Drive, and/or my attachments and syndanas change to match my frame's default colors instead of the ones I assigned to them.  The same thing also happens to my Sentinel sometimes; it just suddenly changes to Preset 1 instead of whatever preset I am using at the time (I use the Helios Prime, if that makes any difference).

I don't know if this is a bug, but my K-Drive also likes to stop grinding for no apparent reason sometimes, messing up my combos and making it difficult to get higher scores.

Lastly, sometimes waypoints don't update while riding a K-Drive, forcing me to get off my board and walk through the waypoint a few times before it finally updates me on where to go next.

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