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Ash Bladestorm Bug


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Hello all, brief introduction: I recently built Ash and have been trying to level him as quickly as possible because I also have a Frost I'd rather be leveling. So, naturally, I took him on some high-affinity mobile defense runs on the grineer asteroid/giant potato tileset. comments about how much Ash is not really a team playeorm to be fairlyr in defense aside, I found bladestorm to be fairly useful at least during the low-level missions (Lua and Kappa). But after the first two terminals are hacked and the orokin artifact comes out, I noticed something peculiar (read: bug):


when using bladestorm while defending the artifact, the life on it began draining as I was teleporting around slashing enemies to bits (sidenote: bladestorm's cinematic style is pretty cool, I'll give Ash that much). at first I assumed this was because my team was running off trying to get kills at the entrances rather than defending the artifact, because this was on Lua (Earth) so there were mostly new players. That and usually I prefer crowd-control frames, so I am usually the one standing by the pod making sure nothing goes wrong. But after more runs (and a couple embarrassing failures), I realized it was bladestorm itself that cause it to drain, not the fact that I wasn't standing by the pod shooting grineer myself. I had my suspicions, which were confirmed when I was on a team with two other Ashes, and one of them used bladestorm and I could finally stand by the pod to see that there was no one there shooting it, but it was still draining life.


Just wanted to let everyone know that, and I haven't been around the forums much but is this a major issue that DE is already aware of? in that case, I feel silly, but if not, then that should probably be looked at. this also serves as a PSA to others playing Ash on mobile defense on the grineer potato. you've been warned

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