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Limbo Able to Trap Enemies in Earth Skybox Indefinitely


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There's apparently some build of Limbo that can cause enemies to float indefinitely and get stuck in the skybox of Earth. I found this on a Relic Defense mission. They can get stuck out of Loot Radar detection range and trying to get high enough to find or kill them will result in your own death because there's some barrier in place at a certain elevation. The enemies will be frozen and never move or attack.

Most of the enemies were visible on radar and could be found/killed with a bit of effort but one could not be found. We never found that last one. I lost 25 waves of loot as a result. I do not have the particulars on the Limbo build that allowed this to happen but another player in the group seemed to be aware of it. This breaks Defense as there's no failsafe if an enemy becomes unkillable.

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