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Blocking! Countering! Exploding!


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This is basically a repost because I never knew this subforum existed until a week ago. Embarrassing but it lets me edit my thoughts. Also the ideas stated are abstract, The costs may be too little/too much for the advantage given but I've laid them out anyway.


-1. Long intro

I love melee. Im always using melee when i don't need to in games. I'm the guy who runs 2 miles in battlefield just to knife a tank driver while he's doing repairs. Melee in Warframe is amazing because of the combinations you can do with guns and parkour but there's a problem.


With all the ways you can attack in close range there's no effective way to block a blow.


Blocking is there but it's not effective (not that you really need it). Outside of no-shield nightmare mode and dueling a bow user it has limited use because you can only reduce damage in front of your frame. That would be fine on its own if not for the fact that you can't block in the direction you are looking unless you hold the left mouse button/aim button and then you can only walk.


Once you get to the higher level planets melee gets more and more difficult because you get caught in situations where you cant run or have no cover from gunfire. Blocking is only a option when you're charging at a enemy so retreat is death if you can't move fast enough. 


Here's some ideas I had based around ways a player could protect themselves, avoid danger, or even return damage in combat with a change to the block button.


(NOTE: I liked the idea of these being frame mods when i made my first thread but now i'm not sure if these could be frame powers, weapon mods, or a specially slotted mod like aura is.)


(NOTE 2: Stances cant be equipped at the same time as conventional block mods or with other stances)




0. Default block

 Change it so 75% of incoming damage is nullified, the remaining 25% is reduced by a tenth, and you block wherever your crosshair aims instead of what direction your frame is looking. Also allow charged attacks in PVP and attacks from the side and back to break through blocking and stun the player. That's it. Don't make it a invincibility button but it needs to be usable.



1. Counter-block (7 mod points with 10 max, V polarity) (Every upgrade amps up the damage of the melee/range counterattack by 50% up to 300% and gives you a bit more time to counter)

 Mostly the same as the default block plus that change BUT you counter all melee attacks infront of you or reflect any projectiles if you activate it a split second before impact. whatever attack you're countering is returned 150% and is increased by upgrading the mod. It works in every way that the default block does only it takes up stamina quicker.



2. Bullet reflection (4 mod points with 8 max, - polarity) (Upgrades amp up the reflect damage up to 120%)

The same as the default except when you block bullets you bounce them back to the attacker with 40% pure damage at the start. The drawbacks are that the overall damage reduction when you block is less and you are wasting a slot that other - mods could use like streamline.



3. Radial bullet-dodge (10 mod points with 15 max, V polarity) (Every upgrade decreases the stamina drain)

You can't sprint while doing it, it has a EXTREME stamina usage, after you stop using it you recover stamina slower, and its useless VS melee attacks but it lets you dodge 100% of the bullets that come at you. Unlike the default block stamina doesn't drain when you get attacked its just drains as long as you hold the button.




4. Water stance (4 mod points with 8 max, Defense polarity) (TOGGLES)

(does not drain stamina) (A little more overall melee damage while in-stance with every upgrade. Maybe 5%)

 You put away your guns and take out whatever melee weapon you have and keep it on-hand. You can't fire weapons while its active but you automatically block wherever your FRAME is facing not the camera (if you have the stamina for it) and can swing a sword quicker. to switch to other weapons you can press block or the switch weapon key. Running lower than 20% stamina slows your movement speeds and stamina regen rate for some time



5. Mountain stance (12 mod points with 15 max, Defense polarity) (TOGGLES) (drains energy) (Each upgrade raises the damage threshold and lowers the energy cost by 1)

You put away all weapons and overcharge your shield. Every 4th of a second it takes 5 energy in addition to the higher stamina drain and you can only walk. You can use melee.


The more damage you take the stronger your armor/shield regen is and you block damage from all directions but when the damage blocked reaches a threshold (1.2X your shield points), you run out of energy, or release the block your shield goes down and you get stunned for a few seconds. If you reach the threshold you explode for 1/8th of whatever the threshold is. You and whatever is around you in a 6 meter radius take the damage.



6. Wind stance (12 mod points with 15 max, V polarity) (TOGGLES) (does not drain stamina) (Each upgrade increases melee attack speed and melee/stun resistance in-stance, and decreases melee stamina usage)

 You take our your melee weapon and secondary if both are one-handed (otherwise you just guard as default). You lose all ability to really block damage, while it's active you reload slower, can swing melee quicker, and you get a little less traction in your movement.


But here's the fun part: WHILE SPRINTING enemy melee attacks or stuns have no effect on your health and instead take chunks from the stamina bar. When the stamina bar runs out you sprint slower and recover stamina slower for a while. If you switch to a primary or press block you go back to normal.



7. Life return stance (4 mod points with 15 max, Defense polarity) (TOGGLES) (Each upgrade increases the regen speed. At max a frame with 2000 health can regenerate from 100 over 15 seconds while the unraked version will take a full two minutes)

You put away all weapons and enter a meditative stance and regenerate health. When your health gets damaged  while in-stance you break the stance, take double damage, and get stunned. You can exit the stance by tapping block or melee out of stance to strike nearby enemies with a fast stunning blow.



6. Grab (10 mod points with 17 points max, V polarity) (Each upgrade increases the throw range and damage, decreases the stamina drain, and increases damage from attacks on grabbed enemies)

The best defense is a good offense; grab and throw enemies. Thrown enemies are ragdolls and knock down and damage enemies they hit while airborne Three versions of this, all of them can be countered by blocking or shielded enemies.



Make grabbing a special melee attack for dual daggers and fist weapons



Grab by meleeing while holding block. Cannot be used midair or from walls.



Grab by pressing block. Lose the advantage of a guard but grab from the air and walls. Can run and jump while carrying anything that isnt a frame, boss, or heavy unit.

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Some interesting ideas. Like them overall, the numbers would need to be tested and balanced, but not bad overall.

The numbers really irk me and i'm not proud of them but its the general idea.

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I've always thought that a futuristic ninja is not complete without bullet slicing. As I'm the type of person who's had Gray Fox fantasies ever since he's played Metal Gear Solid, I like this idea.


Also I was thinking a while ago about special blocks/defense techniques by frame. Stuff like mag stopping bullets in midair, ember burning bullets to a crisp, Rhino/trinity swatting gunfire out of the air like flies, nyx using enemies as bullet shields, and so on but i dont know how to fit that into the game.

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