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Adapting to Controls on Switch


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Hello devs,

I picked up warframe for switch, and back when this game was early access, I had some feedback on my old account (I'm the reason the "Copy Warframe Colors" button exists! :D) so I figured I'd give some here.  First off, loving how it's actually portable.  It's nice to be able to be cooking dinner or something and keep an eye out for an alert I need to run so I can have someone else take over or something similar while I get an item I'm trying to get (Like Nitain Crystals...)

One thing I'd like to recommend is that SL/SR be used for changing between weapons.  For examples of this already in use, you can look at the Resident Evil: Revelations 1/2 games.  They pull it off pretty well.  I think this would add some smoothness to the experience as it would allow someone to be aiming or doing something else *while* changing their weapon (perhaps turning around to switch to melee). 

Another is the typing.  Right now it's Pause -> ZR -. Y -> Type -> Unpause.  Can we have something like Enter be keybound to open chat like on PC?  Since it's not bound to anything on the controllers it shouldn't affect anything with regards to those, and we'd be able to type faster and easier, and not risk our lives/respawns.  I've died more than a couple of times trying to type a message in an area that was previously safe that now isn't, and I'm a fairly fast typist. 

Gyro aiming is great.  But it feels like the pro controller gyro aiming isn't as strong as the joycon.  Can we have a slider to how strong the reaction is as well as sensitivity?  Perhaps a deadzone, sensitivity, and gyro look/aim/aimscoped like regular aiming would be a good idea for the switch.

Aside from that, this has been a really fun launch, though I'm missing my platinum I had on PC. 😛  Thanks for porting your game over, and I hope to see more changes made to make the QOL better.

You guys rock!

-- Lana

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