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So I am loving this Fortuna update so far, but this bounty problem has been making so mad to the point where I just don't want to do bounties anymore. 

So basically the problems I've found with the Fortuna bounties are the following:

First Bug is of course, whenever you get an time based objective mission like "Investigate the area for the corpses of the Solaris" your timer basically carries over from the first bounty you started with over to the second, the third, etc etc instead of resetting back to 5 minutes. I can sort of understand this because you are causing more problems in the Vallis during these consecutive bounties, but if you get to the point where it's like 1 minute to do all of this, it gets pretty bad. 

Second bug that I have noticed over the course of the Fortuna bounties is that the bounty's difficulty does NOT reset during certain objectives if you were in a 4 man squad, but then try another bounty while solo in the same session. For example: The case secure and capture objective if you go in with 4 people on the first bounty, but as you start up the second bounty from the vallis solo, the game still thinks you are with those 3 other people, and will spawn the case amount that has been chosen for a squad of 3-4 people, and not one person. This can be quite devastating because by the time you capture one case, you pretty much have 5 other cases spawned all at once, and you have capture the amount of a 4 man squad in order to beat the bounty stage, instead of being forced to only defend 1 or 2 and capture 5 while solo. I don't know if this works with the extermination missions, but it might fully well too. 

The Spy Vaults in the Orb Vallis are fine, but the enrichment labs is sort of... difficult to do with a squad. The Orb on top of the Enrichment Labs WILL instantly trigger the alarm if your alert level is too high and not lower than Alert level 3. I don't know if it was programmed to actually trigger the alarm once it woke up, but this can lead to problems where if you just came from an area that was too hot and tried to do the spy vault, you'd instantly fail the bonus part of the spy vault if it was in the enrichment labs. 

The final bug I've noticed is that once you do more consecutive bounties involving the assassinate target, it will instantly complete the credit collecting part of the bounty and just instantly spawn the target.

Overall, I have been enjoying this update tremendously, but the first and second bugs makes it VERY difficult to continuously do bounties in the vallis without having to return to Fortuna because of the timer and squads leaving.

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