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default mouse sensitivity ruins starter mission for many!


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PROBLEM - For many PC gamers with ~800 dpi mice, the starting mouse-look-sensitivity settings are INSANELY high, and there is no chance to change them before the starter mission throws you into action.. which makes for a very uncomfortable first few minutes in the game. Then, much later in the game, this problem reappears when you get into the first archwing quest and the separate archwing sensitivity settings are WAY too high.

SOLUTION part 1) make a little mini-setup scene at the very start of the game with a mouse-sensitivity slider, so the player can "look around" with their 3d camera, and adjust the mouse sensitivity settings to be sane...

SOLUTION part 2) Ideally, there should be one "global" mouse sensitivity setting, and the other FIVE mouse sensitivity settings (aim sensitivity, aim sensitivity scoped, archwing look sensitivity, archwing aim sensitivity, archwing aim sensitivity scoped) should be defined as RELATIVE to the main setting (set them all to 100, aka 100%) .... IF this is not done, then solution part-1 should set ALL of the settings to whatever the user configures during the mini config scene.

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