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Problems when playing as Limbo on Orb Vallis


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I really love the new Fortuna update but whenever I play as Limbo, the character I play the most with, I encounter some problems:


-I cannot destroy beacons inside cataclysm, both the beacon and I are inside the bubble but I need to destroy the bubble first just to be able to destroy the beacon

-Some projectiles are not effected by stasis whenever I use it with cataclysm to protect (for example) drones, thus the drone is clearly taking damage by ranged enemies even though their projectiles should not be able to reach their target

-Some enemies' movement is not effected by stasis at all, while raptors are standing still the often appearing Hyenas aren't. (This also applies I believe to one of the normal Terra units, although I do not know which one of them)

-Drones cannot be banished (whilst drones on the plains of eidolon can)


These are the ones that made me the most trouble so I hope they're going to be fixed soon

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