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Ideas How To Improve Instead Of Flame...


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I try to think of a good reason why certain skills seem "OP" and others just horrible (obviously u can ALWAYS say numbers too high, too many enemys affected, or it´s the nature of the skill to be not good enough to be used and bla bla bla). I am only talking about the fourth skill of every frame the ult´s. But u could just say that for every skill in the game.


Rhino Stomp is a good skill, right?
MP (Nova) is a good skill, right?
Vortex (Vauban) was a good skill, right? (haven´t tried it yet after the most recent patch but read a lot of negative stuff, tho a lot might just be hammerin away on DE for nerfing another frame).

What do those skills have what others don´t? I would say they have advantages in high AND low lvl missions.

Rhino Stomp - 800 dmg in low lvl and a 9 sec CC for 130+ enemys
MP - Dmg for low lvl with a chainreaction - Double dmg + slow for high lvl
Vortex - Once rendered enemys helpless in low and high lvls
This means u are not limited to use them in either low or high lvl areas.

What I am trying to say is, those skills can be used in multiple ways, how about we get the ultimates of other frames to that lvl as well instead of nerfing them?

How about Ember´s ult "Burning" enemys and making them vunerable for further fire, or just overall dmg. Or Banshees Quake confusing enemys so they might miss more shots (or in case of the infested just do less dmg because they are still under the effect of the skill).
Frost´s fourth skill could slow down attackspeed+movmentspeed or shield regeneration / speed of shots, something among those lines.
Other ult´s could be used as some kind of "set-up" for further skills, Make Miasma "melt" the armor, so the targets only have x% of their normal armor value for some time.

Essentially this is making them vulnerable to more dmg as well, I am not very creative when it comes to this as u guys can see...but im certain a lot of ppl would have cool ideas on how to add some utility to the warframe ultis that would also fit the playstyle.

I don´t know if that would fix anything or just do more harm but it could be worth thinking about. Also keep in mind those ideas are just what came to my mind in the first minutes when thinking about this. It could help getting all frames on the same kind of lvl. I´d like to know what the rest of you thinks about that or if u just prefere one skill doing one thing.

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I agree, instead of ultiemate skills nuking everything for 10k damage in a 200m area, they should do a high amount damage like they already do (which will obviously increase when the elemental damage/armour system is fixed in U10), AND leave enemies vulenerable for a few seconds which means if you got no skillz your ulti's aint gonna save your &#! anymore

thats how I wanna see it play out anyway, less run 'n' spam and more actual tactics being used between  or 3 frames that were chosen to work well together

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Improvements can also be made here, closer to home. Your post for example.

No pun intended (flame in title), but honestly, it makes no sense what-so-ever.

I didn't want to make a post without sense, I was trying to say, instead of beeing angry about nerfs from DE ppl could try and improve the game by giving their opinion and ideas on how to balance it and make the frames / weapons more fun to use so I figured I should give an example. Sorry if it didn't work out like that.

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