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Gear Wheel losing items (slots) on it's own


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Hi, today almost half of my gear wheel slots disappeared.

That's the second time that happened since the gear wheel update, and I have no idea how to repro it. All I know is last time I played (yesterday) I changed the fishing spear from a Plains to an Orb Vallis one, and added then removed two dragon keys at the end of the wheel (for riven mods). I also first tried to add a cetus mining laser and had the message I can only have one of those in the wheel, I wonder if that could have something to do with that.

Then today after the hotfixes I logged in, and happened to look at my gear wheel from the Arsenal in Fortuna and noticed the problem.

Last time it happened was around the 14th, and I was down to 17 items in the gear wheel, but I don't think I had as many I have now before it got cut, and I have no idea if I did anything before that could help reproduce the bug or explain the difference.

Here's a screenshot montage before-after (I took the "before" screens after the bug happened a first time and I replenished my wheel, in case it happened again).






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To me the issue seems related to dragon keys and/or items with charges when they run out.  It seems to affect all the gear wheel slots that proceed the slot that ran out of charges/inventory items. 

I noticed this when farming for corrupted mods -- I have to make sure I always have at least 2 of every key at all times, otherwise usually multiple keys will be missing from the gear wheel when I run out of any one key.

I haven't noticed this happening for anything but dragon keys, but that doesn't mean it can't happen with, let's say... ciphers.  I dunno.

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I've run into this problem twice now. I have no idea what set it off, but when it happens my wheel 'forgets' everything I have set after slot 12. I do not think I ran out of any items that were on my wheel, so I don't think that's how it happened for me. Wish I had more details to add, but I only notice when I go to use a cipher and it doesn't work.

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