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Warframe Stats Overview


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 These are based off of starting stats such as health, shields, power, and armor. You will notice the relative ease of play of 1st tier warframes, in comparison with 2nd and 3rd tier. Also the higher the stats, the higher the benefit from most mods.



  1st Tier





     2. Saryn-475

     3. Ash-400

     4. Nova-375

     5. Mag-375



  2nd Tier

     6. Vauban-365

     7. Banshee-360






   3rd Tier (lowest stats in game)

      8. Excalibur-350






   *This is not an accurate viewing of Warframes and their capabilities as player skill determines usefulness in-game


   Edit: But this might shed some light on why some Warframes are much..... easier then others.

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