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Gyty Frenchy Guy Lf A Nice Clan


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Hi every body

I'm a 21 years old student in graphic art, as drawing is becoming a big passion for me. I do not have so much time for playing. 

But as the winter is comming on my field, my love growing for this game and because love mean share. I had to go ahead and tell you, guys, that i'm looking for a little clan, french will be good, but english will be cool 'cause I will be able to improve my lousy English well, with a good teamwork and with which to make jokes, muddy or not, and well being messing around in games by playing seriously too. 

As I said, with my studies, work, and sports games, I Will not be able to play a lot and make a big investissment in the game but when I play, I play! for and with fun !

So guys let me know if your interested by a new tenno fellow.
Or if you have any questions. ;)


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