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Warframe Fan Concept: Ifrit the Summoner


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Ifrit the Summoner

Health: 350 at rank 30

Shield: 150 at rank 30

Armor: 325

Energy: 150 at rank 30

Sprint speed: 1.00

Polarity: Naramon

Aura Polarity: Naramon


Passive: Energy Efficiency no longer decreases the energy cost of abilities, instead increases the number of summons created by her abilities. Squad Companions gain 50% damage boost.

[For each bonus 25% power effeciency, your abilities summon an additional spectre: 175% efficiency = (1st: 6 spectres) (3rd: 4 spectres)]


1st Ability: Spectral Drain (50 cost): Summon *3* spectres to charge at an enemy, deals damage and drains a portion of the damage dealt as energy for Ifrit.

*100* radiation dmg (rank 3), 5% energy drain per attack, at rank 3. 1 attack / s, and has *1500* health (rank 3) with 325 armor. *50*m target range. (rank 3)

health is affected by duration, damage and armor is affected by strength. target range is affected by range.


2nd Abiltiy: Spirit Siphon (25 cost): Consume all spectres and gain bonus armor for each consumed spectre.

Bonus armor *50*(rank 30) per spectre, duration 20s (rank 3)

armor affected by strength, duration by duration.


3rd Ability: Hazard Consumption (50 cost): summon *1* spectre that shields an area from ranged attacks, and drains it, converting it into health for nearby allies:

negates 100% ranged damage and heals for 5% damage negated, the spectre takes the negated damage itself. has *2500* health (rank 30) & *400* armor (rank 3)

health affected by duration, armor affected by strength, area of effect affected by range


4th Ability: Soul Legion (100% energy): summon a vast amount of spectres in a *20*m radius around you that attacks nearby enemies and deals *75* cold damage (rank 30).

Each spectre has *500* health (rank 3) *300* armor (rank 3). 1 attack / s.

Health is affected by duration, armor & damage is affected by strength. area of summoning around Ifrit is affected by range. for each 75 energy spent, summon *1* spectre.


Character idea: Some kind of demon, one who uses the souls of the orokin to battle (got the idea from the floating spirits in lua).

any feedback on this idea would be great 🙂

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