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Implement frame-specific appearance presets, that automatically apply when swapping frames.


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What the title says.

I like to have my weapons match my frame, both in terms of the skin and the colours, however the current appearance system is pretty crap in this regard. Either you have to save different presets to the loadouts for that weapon (limiting you to potentially three frames; if you have more than three frames using that same weapon, you have to), craft multiple copies of the same weapon (costing resources, potentially a lot of resources, especially if you want to potato and forma the weapon), or just manually change the appearance each time you swap frames (which can potentially be very time consuming and complicated, if your colours don't line up perfectly between your frame and weapons, forcing you to swap colours around).

My suggestion would either be to have presets for individual frames on the weapon, or change the appearance system to store everything on the frame, retaining the per-item nature of it. Either way, this would make it so much easier to manage weapon appearances between multiple frames, which is an area I've found Warframe sorely lacking in.

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