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A nice way to advance Fashion frame-ing


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Ok so ive said this else where and it seemed like people liked it so here i go

I think it would be nice if we could individually colour the seperate pieces/meshes as in a warframes head seperately coloured from the body(cause sometimes the colours dont mesh well) as well as the operators pieces of clothing individually(like being able to give him blue pants and a black shirt with some nice white arms or something) 

And id like to ask that the operator cosmetics like the masks(nakak prolly misspelled that the grineer one  could fit as an acessorie), othere masks, nural links, glasses, and ear pieces be classified as acessories and let us have as many as we want so we can mix and combine them in ridiculous/awsome ways. Now if your worried about the clipping issues it could cause these are acessories im sure people will find ways to work that in or just remove clipping acessories(well i used that new mask on the umbra hood opened and it looked awsome but i wanted the umbra forhead thing on there along with the umbra blindfold and the atmos earpiece since i had it)

Oh and i totally forgot about this one, why not let players decide where the armor peices on the warframes sit useing the same system that lets us decide where holstered melee weapons sit(which everyones probably forgotten about)the thing where you edit the holster position

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