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A Much Needed Advanced Maneuvers Tutorial


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Tl;dr at the end.

I REALLY would love to have a tutorial that teachs things that are not obvious things like shooting, reloading and pressing an ability.


(This is NOT a professional or wellmade suggestion. I threw it together quickly, but I REALLY think that it is important. Do not expect amazing explanations- this suggestion thread was mostly to make a point about important things players must be taught.)




What could be included?:

You would definitely NEED to know about wallrunning. Not only do you gain a LOT of mobility and access to BIG shortcuts. (This includes wallrunning diagonally, horizontally, and being able to continuously walljump.


You would need to know about sliding as it provides much mobility, stamina regen, and is even better with slide attacking, which provides damage and MASSIVE mobility with the Fang and Dual Zoren.


It's also important to know about blocking because you must know how to dance. cancel your long Sobek reloads so that you won't get facewrecked by a Grineer and look bad in front of your friends.


Also, a big thing is the knowledge about jump attacks/plunging attacks and how it can cause knockdown, and grants much needed control over jumping and whatnot.




What drove me to make this?:

Well, I DID notice how useless the current tutorial was a long time ago, but today I found a group of newer players who didn't know how to wallrun in an Earth Mobile Defense mission.


We ran it, then halfway through, there was a point where you would have to wallrun into a hole in order to progress. I took a minute to attempt to teach the players how to wallrun, but then one member of the group who managed to make a lucky jump without the wallrunning, went on ahead and started the grineer waves, thus getting the terminal destroyed because we couldn't catch up to them in time.




Why not make a video on this, or have AkamikeB make one or something?:

Cause those won't reach ALL players. Some new players don't look on the wiki or youtube, but should at least know extemely important mechanics of the game.




So how would we add this in?:

Well, we already have a tutorial where we have to run from Vor, right? Before we actually encounter Vor and have the mission ended, we could have the important maneuvers taught.

We could have excited the chamber where we were kept in, then find ourselves at a part of the map we cannot pass unless we wallrun in, then have, I dunno, debris that we have to slide under. There's a LOT of things we need to do with this tutorial.




Tl;dr: Our current tutorial only teaches what you could easily know if you at least have common sense.

Some rooms in maps are MADE to require you do wallrun, and there is probably nothing ingame that tells you how to slide or wallrun, you need to figure out how to do that on your own, or get told by other players.

Things that need to be taught include wallrunning, sliding, slide attacking, blocking, rolling, and jump/plunging attacking.


Here is a list of some basic maneuvers on the wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Maneuvers

In terms of priority, this should be one of the TOP priorities. Probably a priority that beats having a new warframe, but not as important as a big damage revamp. Seriously, I still even see experienced players with 30+ hours who do not even know what sliding is.

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I like the Vor idea, however I don't think making it mandatory would be a great idea, seeing as there's room for it to be incredibly tedious and boring.


I was thinking about this. I guess I'll remove that part for now, but I really think that being able to skip some tutorial parts relating to wallrunning will hurt players more than anything, but I do admit it could be tedious.


Though, I personally wouldn't mind taking a few minutes extra to learn some of the most important game mechanics.

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