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Unable to gain standing for the Quills


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For four days in a row now, the Quills say I have zero standing available for ranking up with their syndicate. I've found other posts about this, the general consensus is that this is a bug that DE knows about, yet has not done anything about. I am at 88,000 of the 99,000 to get the highest ranking with them, so it is a little disheartening to goon  tricaps and get nothing for it. As I would like to build my next two amps, a 423 & 323, to improve my shield breaking abilities.


Edit: After re-installing the game (give or take about 20 minutes of time) I am now able to rank up with the Quills. I do think it was strange that it was the only one of my syndicates that had this problem. Also think it was odd that uninstall was required to solve the problem. Since I'm on console I can't just strip down the code to find the "Ghost in The Machine" language that caused this problem, though I am sure that DE could use an intern or two to track these little problems down.

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I solved the problem
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