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Unable to Respawn on Starting Platform (MR10 Test)


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After completing the test, involving shooting 15 enemies before the ground underneath you despawned, I was teleported to the starting platform as usual; however, when I was sent I accidentally jumped forward before I was identified as grounded, and fell off. The game recognised this as a failure state and forced me to redo the mission. The enemy counter was bugged though, stating my goal as needing to kill 0 enemies. I played as before in the hopes that the bug would right itself, but upon killing all 15 Grineer, nothing happened. I waited as long as I could, until there were no more platforms underneath me. When I hit the kill plane, the screen turned white, save for the UI, and had my position be attempted to be reset, only to fail and stay in place, as evidenced by the minimap flashing the starting platform and reorienting my marker about 3 times for every 2 seconds. Waiting for about 10 minutes, I then gave up hope and aborted the mission, only to discover the game considered my performance as a success, and elevating me to the next Mastery Rank. 

If log files are needed, they can be supplied.

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