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Excalibur Exalted Blade Crash Bug


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Using exalted blade can trigger a system error that closes the software anywhere at anytime with any number of other players or solo. Number of enemies on screen, companions, mission type, location... None of this matters. Pressing the button is risking the game crashing. I have been playing this game since its launch on the Switch two weeks ago and have had at least 30-40 system crashes directly due to use of exalted blade, making higher lever missions impossible. Also possibly damaging hearing and sound systems when the sound spike hits, a known issue that doesn't happen with every crash, which also happens when others are using their exalted blade, though that has not caused me to crash yet. I know it even has hindered my game progression as I can not keep up with others and their specials or other excals who are using their exalted blade during missions. I do not use it out of fear of losing progress. I have checked my game for corrupted files. The game is installed on my memory card. Should I re-download? I really enjoy your game but this is extremely frustrating. It's his 4th tier special that decimates.... CMON FIX THIS! THIS FRAME IS YOUR STANDARD. THIS FRAME IS YOUR GAME. FIX YOUR GAME PLEASE.

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