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Eidolon statistics are wack


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So, I've noticed that my eidolons kills have been steadily climbing up while I haven't killed any, so I took screenshots of before and after a 3x3 (or rather a 5x3 that a hotfixed kicked us out of) and saw saw this.





so, by 3x3 I mean 3 captures in a single night. In these 3 captures:

-my teralyst captures increased by 2 and kills by 0 (inaccurate)

-my gantulyst captures increased by 1 and kills by 2 (inaccurate)

-my hydrolyst captures increased by 3 and kills by 0 (accurate)

ALSO for some reason my hydrolyst captures (for which to be even possible you need to capture a gantulyst) are HIGHER than my gantulyst captures! This is obvious proof that the stats screen isn't displaying the true stats. I've seen topics on the forums about this dating to months ago and there still has been no fix.

EDIT: I'm not sure if this has done anything to my chances of getting arcanes that exclusively drop from captures, but i find it unlikely since ive gotten 8 energizes and 7 graces in my runs which is how much I should get on average from doing 150 hydrolyst captures.

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Wanted to add something that I forgot to say in original post
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