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Log in-Chat-Disconnection issues since 3 days


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Hi, since around 3 days i am having a lot of new problems that i never had before, id like to clarify that other online games work perfectly fine with normal ping (40-70) and my bandwith is normal (1080p youtube)

The first thing that happened to me is that typing the password will say "wrong log in/password" classic message, even if i type the right password, the only way to log in is to erase the email adress and type it again (i am 100% sure about this, i tried a lot of stuff during this 3 days), when i finally login, there is like a 50% chance that my chat will bug, it will just try to load, sometimes it will show after 1 minute, sometimes 1hour, (it looks like this, not my video btw that one is from 2014)

Also, something that also never happened to me before: i get disconnected, to be more accurate, while i am in the orbiter the game will show a loading screen with the orbiter flying and then i will land on the log in menu. That also for some reason resets the warframe that you see on the log in screen to the default excalibur, and i can log in again (but the chat may still not work lol)

Last but similar bug that happened to me once: at the end of a mission while i had the screen results while loading the orbiter, a "failed to update account" message appeared and then it was login again but with mission result20181206173708-1.jpg

I have over 180 ours into warframe, and even when i did lag i never encountered such problems, all of that started happening 3 days ago.

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