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Hiring 10-15 Hellbent Ninjas! [Recruiting - Shadow Clan]


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  Our goal is to create a community environment for active adult players who want to make the most of their playing time.  Our core members are Central Time Zone currently and play in the evenings.



  1. Play regularly (3+days a week)
  2. Team player
  3. Have TeamSpeak & working mic/headset


A mastery rank of 5 or higher is preferred but not required. We are not a hardcore clan, we do this for fun and relaxation.


We already have the dojo in place, just adding the shadow clan barracks to allow for the upgraded member capacity.


For those with interest & meeting the above requirements, feel free to post here or msg Zerointerupt, Tinji, or JustSh00tMe (zero's for 'o') in game for more details.


Thanks for taking the time to read this & go ninjas!



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