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Ordis's transmission when removing cyst


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Whenever I go and remove a cyst from one of my warframes, Ordis chimes in shouting the line used when using Helminth to get infected instead, making it look like he supports your frames to stay infected. I never said anything on the matter before, as I thought it was going to be fixed sooner than later, but almost 2 years passed since Helminth's introduction and this is still an issue.

Could you please remove the line when a cyst is removed?

"Operator, noooooooo! Have you lost your mind!?"

Maybe change it with a very pleased Ordan glitchy line instead.


On a second note, I take this chance to renew the request many people proposed already to allow us to remove the cyst as soon as we're aware of it. I can't find any logical reason to keep it for 7 days other than introducing a wait for the sake of it.

I'm not particularly bored by it, but I just find it kind of useless in gameplay terms to have to wait for 7 days to enable such an action.

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