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Augment mods ideas


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Lets talk about possible augments for Garuda. Right now Garuda is in odd spot, all her abilities are useful, but she still doesn't excell in any game mode, except for super long endurance missions due to her scaling damage. Her abilities are too slow or clunky for fast paced Exterminations or Captures, too directional and lacking crowd control for Defense missions (including Mobile Defense and Extractions) and unreliable for Assassination missions.
It doesn't mean that Garuda is a bad frame, she is quite fun and overall somewhat balanced in a 'glass cannon' way.

Point of augment mods is to broaden utility of a frame, allow to use it in a new, interesting way. I will give some examples and my reasoning behind ideas.

1 - Jagged Mirror - Inflicts 10% of Dread heart charge as Slash damage to enemies on contact with the mirror.

This augment is meant for rushing through missions and being mobile in general. You sacrifice mod slot for being able to use Mirror in offensive way without stopping for a heart throw. You charge your mirror with strikes and instant kills and then go through enemies like a battering ram or a hot knife through butter. There could be some extra limitations on this mod, but point is to make Garuda less 'castey' and more 'rip-n-tear'.

2 - 50% of incoming damage redirected to the impaled enemy.
Increases with Ability strength up to 80% damage redirected. Effect from multiple altars is multiplicative instead of cumulative.

2 - Blood armor - Blood totem grants additional armor at rate +10 per second up to +1000 armor max. This additional armor degrades at rate 5 per second when not in range of Blood totem.
Armor gain affected by ability strength, but max armor bonus isn't.

Both are meant as a defensive tool for Garuda on missions where you need to stay on same spot for some time or as 'oh S#&$' panic option in a hard fight (only first one).

3 (Bloodletting) - Blood Ritual - For 20 sec you and allies in 20m range have +30% cast speed and -50% energy cost of abilities. Each ability cast decrease Garuda's hp by 5.

Garuda might use more support aspects for her abilities that benefit the team. Allowing Garuda to restore energy to teammates would be too OP, so why not to use next best thing - reduce energy cost for using abilities at the cost of Garuda's health. Similar to Equinox Provoke it would improve usage of abilities for the team. Also it would mitigate slow casting speed for Garuda herself.

4 Seeking Talons - Death Gaze - Toggle ability, after cast target circle remains and continues to mark enemies in line of sight. Channeling cost is proportionate to target circle size (from 2 energy per second at min circle to 10 en/s at max size). Enemies are market only as long as they stay in sight and in target zone.

This is quite powerful augment that would allow to mark enemies without wasting time on recasting ability at the cost of high energy cost for channeling the ability. By managing size of the target zone Player could choose preferred style. Small target zone - low upkeep cost but marks only enemies in reticle zone - ones you're shooting right now. Large target zone - mark almost everyone in sight, which benefits your team greatly and allows to kill large groups quickly with AoE weapons and/or abilities.

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