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Got stuck on Grineer Ship, almost all inputs stopped working


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While on a regular Rescue mission around Saturn and in active combat, in a room with a pit, I ended up melee attacking down onto a pipe with enemies on it before slipping off and falling into said pit, which reset me. However, after I reset, something weird happened and after a couple frames of being reset to the main floor of the room I popped back to the pipe and got stuck, and almost every key stopped working. W, A, and D would start the walking animation, Shift activated the sprinting animation, when I released right click the sound of the scope un-zooming played, and I could open the chat and pause menus just fine, but my character wouldn't move, rotate, or respond to inputs in general, even after pressing pretty much every single key on my keyboard. The enemies who had been attacking me at the time seemed to de-aggro after a minute(denied me even the sweet release of a death reset), and one even walked right up to and past me a couple minutes after they forgot about me.

Video of me being stuck:

No hard feelings, it seems like a strange bug and it was only a few minutes into a normal mission anyhow.

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This happened to me too on a Grineer ship. Stealth meleed a guy, went through the map and a brief black screen put me on a slope where I would stand still. /unstuck didn't work. Luckily a enemy managed to kill and free me.

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