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K-Drive Glitches


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"So when the K-Drive got released like any normal person I immediately started testing glitches. So I have only tried a few of the many glitches this exploit can give you but I estimate that there are a lot of glitches with in this bug."

So How Do I Create This Glitch?

(Warning this glitch is hard to pull of and you'll need to do it a couple times to pull it off)

When you are about to die pull out the K-Drive depending on the time it is pulled out before death will determine what will happen.

Want Infinity XP For The K-Drive? In the Plains of Eidolon - Cetus, when going in deep enough water that can kill you, if you time it right you can glitch under the map, allowing you to get as much xp before you hit the boarder box.

> In the Plains of Eidolon - Cetus, when pulling out the K-Drive in water before you die you'll actually be able to ride it under the water. (Exiting the K-Drive will kill you and going above sea level will undo the glitch)

> If you pull out at the exact time before death you'll be able to fly at the level you died in. (You can not go lower and re-entering the K-Drive will undo the glitch)

> You can become immortal if you pull it out exactly before you die. (Usually you'll be glitched inside the map, glitching above and under the map and very hard to undo this glitch and takes a few attempts to undo - note - not everything will work to undo this one)

(Please note that I did not discover all the glitchs with the K-Drive I have only found a few so far and I have only listed these two because I have either not posted new ones, forgotten or am too lazy to lazy too post new ones.)

Please Fix this glitch I do know the K-Drive is new and needs reworks so good luck with that team! "ps. please make Fortune more optimal for most/more computers and see if it is posible to make a South African or African server, thanks ;3"

Also if you find any more glitches don't hesitate to post it in the comments to help out the team.

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Theres one where i found accidentally by grinding it's almost like a exploit it makes the score nubmers go up real fast by doing this method .Go to the pipes jumb and hold M1 until you land on the pipe and press V to grind that will make the score number go up so fast in 5 sec you get almost like 130 score number without even having to grind the whole pipe.


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