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Constant crashes and glitches after latest hotfix


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The latest hotfix has introduced a load of problems for the game, i've crashed twice so far today and have multiple fps issues, even with almost all settings off. I've seen so many people complain in my clan and in region chat of crashing. Never had a single problem before this hotfix.

Edit: Forgot to ask, how many other people have similar issues?

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I load in for a bit and not a few step towards my arsenal it freezes and I'm back into the loading screen only for it to get stuck at 0%. I close it and try again and it happens again but this time it loads in again only for it to crash and send me back to the loading screen, while putting mods on. I tried reseting my internet, my router, looking for manual updates and deleting and reuploading. It still happens, so I know it can't be my internet connection, especially since my PS4 works, Mobile internet works, even my other multiplayer games on switch works just fine. It can't be from my end, can't play until its fixed. Man I just completed Second Dream too.

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