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New Frame Concept "Vanta"


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I wanted to share a concept for a new frame "Vanta" I hope this is the right section for this topic, as I don't have experience with forums. 

There are no visual designs because that is outside of my specialty. 😥

So here we go: 

The idea comes from ninjas and shadow assassins. 


The Shadow Lurker


Gain extra evasion when standing in shadows and increased melee damage. 


1- Shadow drop: 

Cast a pool of shadow on the ground in the targeted area. 

(affected by range and duration)

2- Shift:

Teleport to shadow in the targeted area and gain 5%-10%-15% melee damage for 3sec-6sec-9sec

(affected by range and power, duration of the buff cannot be increased by duration mode)

" Vanta's own shadow is used as an entry point for the teleportation animation to the targetted shadow "

3- Engulf: 

Vanta engulfs himself with shadow armor that absorbs a certain amount of incoming damage and stores it to increase the power of Shadow Eruption

Absorb 40%-60%-80% 

Duration: 12sec - 24sec - max 60sec

Stored damage scales with power strength.

(affected by power strength and duration modes)

4- Shadow Eruption:

Vanta releases shadow spikes from the shadows around the targeted area piercing the enemies bodies, ignoring their armor. 

Stored damage from Engulf is consumed to increase the damage dealt to enemies. 

(affected by power strength and range modes) 


What is the idea behind the abilities?

1- Assasins are expert in dodging and expert in close combat (passive)

2- Assasins need to move fast between targets and create a favorable situation. (1st and 2nd ability)

3- Assasins need a way to protect themselves until they are ready for their burst to kill their targets (3rd ability)

4- THE BIG FINALE (4th ability)


Again, I am sorry that I cannot provide concept visuals for this. 😥

Hope you guys like it 😃


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